100 11.5 gram Card Suited Poker Chips in Las Vegas Gift Box, Choose from 4 designs

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100 11.5 gram Card Suited Poker Chips in Las Vegas Gift Box, Choose from 4 designs

Please choose from chip design options above before adding to your shopping cart. These 11.5 gram poker chips are made of a High Quality Clay Composite Resin with a metal insert for added weight. Each chip is made to specifications and is perfectly balanced to give the proper effect. With your order you will receive 100 of your selected design chips. Chips come in a beautifully designed Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas retail box that is perfect for a gift.

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Reviewer says:

A nice weight to them. No imperfections. A good deal.

Z says:

Gold standard for bang/buck For the price, I think this is the best chip on the market. These are heavy, with a satisfying “Clink!” when you splash the pot. With the denominations printed, you never get table-mates asking “Okay, how much are the red chips?” I’ve had a few of them stick together out of the packaging, but that’s the biggest problem. Lots of folks have written about storage of these: I started with a Plano 3700-series (deep) box, and the chips fit PERFECTLY with the dividers added. You can…

Anonymous says:

Excellent, very consistently made chips. It’s hard to do better for twice the price. After handling these 11g chips, I can’t imagine wanting to go much heavier unless I ran an actual venue.Although the box does a fine job of holding these, it’s worth noting that these chips will fit perfectly into the compartments of 3600-series Plano boxes as well, so you can have a massive bank of them that fits into a small area.I highly recommend these Poker chips. Da Vinci makes outstanding…

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