9 Feet Two-tone Red Poker Table Waterproof Suited Speed Cloth – Item 50-0091×9

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9 Feet Two-tone Red Poker Table Waterproof Suited Speed Cloth – Item 50-0091×9

Beautiful casino grade Diamond Poker Table Waterproof Two-Tone Suited Speed Cloth at a low discount price for your game room table. Build your table with the best cloth available. Suited Speed Cloth is the number one choice for poker table felt used today! This is the best poker cloth if you want durability and playability! Suited Speed Cloth will last the life of your table. Cards slide with ease when dealing on speed cloth (especially made from 100% polyester). There will be no need to replace your poker table felt every couple of months like some other poker cloths; our fabric is treated with a super waterproofing agent. Liquids just bead up on the fabric, they do not soak in. Any spills are easily cleaned up. Our cloth has an extremely soft feel and fights tough stains to provide lasting beauty and longevity. If you purchase one unit you’ll receive a piece of cloth 9 feet long by 59 inches wide. We offer the suited speed cloth in several colors.

PATTERN: Features a repeating Heart, Diamond, Spade, and Club pattern to them. Each Heart, Diamond, Spade and Club is inside a repeating diamond shaped outline that is 1 1/4″ Inch X 1 1/4″ Inch Square.

– 59 inches wide
– High definition with bright colors
– Suited pattern
– 100% Polyester
– Water Resistant – There is no need to treat this cloth with any other fabric protectors!
– Extremely durable & long lasting
– Retains its natural softness

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