A Bettor Way: A Winner’s Guide To Wagering On Thoroughbreds

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A Bettor Way: A Winner’s Guide To Wagering On Thoroughbreds

The handicapper’s wallet keeps score very well. What remains in it when you leave the track is the final say in whether or not you won. Dean C. Arnold has tested his wits against fellow handicappers since the day he was old enough to approach a parimutuel window. His approach to building a sensible methodology will help you tackle the sometimes overwhelming task of winning money betting on thoroughbred races. Find out how to better manage money, time and data, and develop your own strategy that will lead to consistent profit.

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Cristine Rene says:

Must Reading for Serious Horseplayers This book is a must read for anyone heading to thetrack. I have been a regular reader of Dean’s columnsat Horseplayer Magazine and TVG’s online newsletterfor almost five years. He shows you how to tackletime and money management, both of which are seldomdealt with in other racing books. Everyone can pick acouple winners each day, but hardly anyone wins moneyon that alone. This books helps you do the preparationfor the day’s events and how to do…

M. James says:

Solid read for the thinking gambler

Anonymous says:

One of the few books on money management. Definitely not a sexy topic like handicapping angles. However, by utilizing some “cold hard facts” such that an exotic is a gimmick with low probability, I reorganized by daily bankroll with the larger share toward WPS and intra-race bets. Still a believer in the Pick X’s bets but with the larger share of my betting bankroll in one race, essentially fewer things have to happen to cash. For example, would have a day of sole Pick 3 bets and…

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