Blackjack for Blood: The Card-Counters’ Bible and Complete Winning Guide

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Blackjack for Blood: The Card-Counters’ Bible and Complete Winning Guide

The purpose of Blackjack for Blood, by Bryce Carlson, is to provide the reader with a comprehensive strategy for obtaining a winning edge at the game as it is commonly played in the casinos of Nevada and elsewhere, and also to entertain the reader with some sense of the glamour, excitement, and drama that are a part of the world of the professional gambler.

For a Twenty-One game plan to be effective, it must address three fundamental and very different issues. First, it must show the player how to bet his money properly and how to play the hands accurately. Second, it must instruct the player on how to deal effectively with casino personnel. And third, a professional approach to the game requires the ability to deal with yourself, to maintain control under pressure and in situations loaded with stress.


Brady says:

It’s honestly helped me make money off the casino. …the only bad part about that is now every time I go to my local casinos they watch me like a hawk and instruct the dealers to cut the decks shorter when I play so that I can’t count. If you’re serious about making money off Blackjack this is a must have. Be sure to pay attention to his advice on staying incognito, because at this point I’m going to have to travel to continue playing, which is ok since I’ve made the bankroll to do so due in part to this book along with the Blackjack Bluebook…

M. M. Davis says:

Buy it, but you’ll also need another system This is the best written book on learning blackjack. And it has lots of great material in it. I highly recommend buying it.However, the book is centered on Carlson’s Omega II system, which is simply not a good choice for a first blackjack system. Unlike the most-common system, the Hi-Lo, cards have 5 possible values (-2,-1,0,1,2), instead of 3 (-1,0,1). The Omega II counts 12 of the 13 ranks of cards, whereas many simpler counts only count between 8 and 11. Most daunting of…

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