But They Didn’t Read Me My Rights!: Myths, Oddities, and Lies About Our Legal System

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But They Didn’t Read Me My Rights!: Myths, Oddities, and Lies About Our Legal System

Much of what we think we know about the law is actually a myth or misconception. This book debunks many of those myths and misconceptions by providing an entertaining yet educational tour of our American legal system, including its many oddities. In the process, the book answers many interesting legal questions about some of our most important, fascinating, and surprising laws in an array of areas.

For example, the police do not have to read you your rights when they arrest you; in fact, sometimes they can even interrogate you without reading you your rights. Moreover, you can be charged and convicted of drunk driving for just turning the ignition key, even if you never drive the car or start the engine! While some contracts do have to be in writing to be enforceable, most don’t. The authors explain why.

Written in a lively, appealing style, the book is composed of self-contained chapters, each addressing a distinct legal myth, oddity, question, or misconception. Select your favorite topic or enjoy the authors’ witty and very informative discussion of the law cover-to-cover. Either way, you are assured of being entertained, enlightened, and surprised!

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Steve Reina says:

As a lawyer I can heartily recommend this book!

J. Wagner says:

Very interesting read, especially if you don’t know a lot about laws. If ignorance of the law is no excuse, then it’s certainly a very common phenomenon.That’s been my experience in over twenty years of practicing law.This book is an excellent primer for lay people wishing to get a quick fix on what the law and just how different that is from what either popular culture or even common sense might say it should be.Here are a couple examples:FIRST THE POLICE DO NOT ALWAYS HAVE TO READ YOU YOUR RIGHTS. While it’s true…

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