Cashman on Poker: Lessons from the felt

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Cashman on Poker: Lessons from the felt

Hank Cashman has put together a collection of his articles about poker, the players you meet and how to improve your game. These articles are meant to be entertaining and to help you improve your game where ever you are playing. Each one has a lesson that came from real players at the local card room or casino. You will find how to play against the very aggressive player or chip bully. You will find ways to change your play enough to move up to the next level. You may even learn how to get to that final table. This book isn’t about how to play with Doyle, Phil and Daniel. It is about how to play better against Jack, Joe and Henry. After all, who’s more likely to sit at your table? It isn’t necessary to know how to play high stakes poker or to play the final table at the WSOP. It’s better to know how to play at the table you are sitting.


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