Casino Craps for the Winner

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Casino Craps for the Winner

Avery Cardoza, the world’s greatest and most trusted gambling author teaches you how to play casino craps and how to win. Before your trip to the Las Vegas strip, be sure you know the terms, the rules, the odds, and the strategy for winning big. This easy to read guide includes over 21 charts, tables, and illustrations for fun, easy, step by step instruction for success at the craps table.


jpwoodworker says:

Good intro to some Vegas Fun I was preparing for a trip to Vegas and wanted to try something else besides blackjack.This was just the book I needed. Craps is really not that difficult once you know what’s going on at the table, and, as this book will tell you, you don’t even need to understand all of it. Most bets on the table are sucker’s bets. The odds are stacked in the house’s favor. Stick to the bets outlined earlier in this book.The early chapters explain the layout and rules of the table. The…

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