Casino Craps for the Winner

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Casino Craps for the Winner

The essential guide for beginning and intermediate craps players has been reduced to under $10. More than 575,000 copies of this classic easy-to-read guide have been sold!

This best-selling classic has sold over 575,000 copies and is now reduced to under $10! Players no longer need to be intimidated by the confusing game of craps. Cardoza offers a comprehensive and easy-to-understand book for both beginning players new to the game and experienced players looking for the maximum edge possible. Careful explanations and loads of examples show players the basics of playing craps, the various bets, their odds and payouts, money management and bankrolling. More than half the book is dedicated to winning strategies for every type of player—conservative, aggressive and super-aggressive—as well as how to bet with and against the dice and for games offering 1x, 2x, 3x and even 100x odds! Packed with tables, charts, examples, and insider tips for players looking to crush the casino at craps.


jpwoodworker says:

Good intro to some Vegas Fun I was preparing for a trip to Vegas and wanted to try something else besides blackjack.This was just the book I needed. Craps is really not that difficult once you know what’s going on at the table, and, as this book will tell you, you don’t even need to understand all of it. Most bets on the table are sucker’s bets. The odds are stacked in the house’s favor. Stick to the bets outlined earlier in this book.The early chapters explain the layout and rules of the table. The…

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