Crypto Currency Gambling Is Here

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Crypto Currency Gambling Is Here

After all the trouble people have gone through (especially in the USA) trying to play poker and other casino games online with “real” money the market has delivered – enter CryptoCurrency Gambling.

You can know gamble online anonymously from the USA and anywhere else for that matter using “crypto”.

What Is Crypto Currency Gambling?

Gambling with “crypto” is exactly the same as gambling with “dollars”.  You can win and lose thousands (or more), the only thing is this… you need to have some cryptocurrency to gamble with.

What Kinds Of Crypto Currency Can You Gamble With?

Most everyone has heard of Bitcoin, many have heard of Litecoin – you can find casinos online that accept these cryptocurrencies – and yes – players from the USA can gamble anonymously too.

What’s the most popular?

One of the bigger up and coming (and extremely popular) cryptocurrencies to gamble with is Dogecoin.  There have even sprung up some cryptocurrency gambling directory sites like this one and this one.

Where Does One Get Some Crypto?

You can get crypto currency from mining, buying on an exchange, or trading.  You can also buy crypto on sites like ebay for instance.  You’ll need a “wallet” to store your chosen crypto of course, and you can download them onto your computer, or use an online wallet “in the cloud”.

Authorities Be Damned

The beauty of using crypto currency is that it is completely anonymous (if you are careful), no one, not even the authorities have the ability to track where your “money” comes from or goes to.

How Do I Learn More About Gambling With Crypto Currencies?

It takes a while to get up to speed on how this all works if you are completely unfamiliar with it.  I recommend you check out this site to learn more.




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