Da Vinci 50 Clay Composite Dice Striped 11.5-Gram Poker Chips (Yellow)

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Da Vinci 50 Clay Composite Dice Striped 11.5-Gram Poker Chips (Yellow)

These 11.5 gram Dice Striped poker chips are made of a High Quality Clay Composite Resin with a metal insert for added weight. Each chip is made to specifications and is perfectly balanced to give the proper effect. This is one of our newest exclusive designs.

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Grecoaussie says:

GREEN – Good Chips, Correct Thickness Decent chips, but as one of the other reviewers mentioned there are some blemishes on them that look like they were low on paint when they painted some of them (almost look like brush strokes). Not all of them are like this, but there are several like this in each set I ordered. Also some of the chips have dust on them and little strands of paint that you have to brush off; again not a huge deal they are easily cleaned off but still gives a somewhat unprofessional first-impression…

JCF says:

No surprises

Anonymous says:

These are pretty standard chips, and the gray ones I purchased had no problems. Sometimes you see production issues on these, which you may find under different brand names but are probably produced by the million by the same Chinese factory for all the brands. The ones I got are in good shape, not many printing errors or sharp edges.I bought the gray ones to use for cash games because I have a set of chips with printed denominations, and that manufacturer does not make chips in…

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