Deluxe Tabletop Lighted Photo Studio

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Deluxe Tabletop Lighted Photo Studio

Professional photo shoots… from your own home! Tabletop Lighted Photo Studio Kit! This portable Photo Studio provides pro-quality photos from your home, office or on-location. Just the thing for your home business or on-line store. 16 3/4″ cube Diffusion Box delivers uniform illumination without glare or harsh shadows. Folds flat for easy storage; Switch-out light and dark backgrounds for best contrast; 2 Studio-quality mini lights provide even color and clarity. Retractable legs for hand-held use, too!; Adjustable Camera Tripod for exceptional, rock-steady and blur-free shots. 20W mini-bulbs max. 6 1/2′ cords, polarized plug. Inline rocker on / off switch. Entire Set weighs 4 lbs.; Order Today! Deluxe Tabletop Lighted Photo Studio

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