Disguised in Deception (Hidden Deception) (Volume 1)

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Disguised in Deception (Hidden Deception) (Volume 1)

“This book is a very valuable source of truth concerning the many products I see on the shelves when I am shopping. I am grateful to the author for his research and his presentation that is so usable as I try to preserve my health and that of my family!” – Dixie Facer Many people don’t know the difference between organic and natural foods. The food and GMO industries want you to believe that there’s no difference, and that’s simply not true. Disguised in Deception is a very valuable source of truth concerning the many products seen on the shelves when you are shopping. E. A. Hargrave research and presentation is so useful for you preserve your health and that of your loved ones! A page-turning debut written in the tradition of Jeffrey M. Smith Seeds of Deception, Genetic Roulette, and The World According to Monsanto. Disguised in Deception highlighted the main components yet leaving the reader to draw their definite conclusion.


Sandra J. Howell says:

Five Stars

Amazon Customer says:

I liked it. It was a hard read I was giving this book awhile ago to read and give an honest review. I liked it. It was a hard read, since it was mainly in the style of a report. There was a lot of information backed up with researched facts. I do believe some GMO’s can be good like what the the scientist created who has the title: The Man Who Saved A Billion Lives. I highly recommend what he has done. This is an idea on what good GMO’s can do. This book shows how bad GMO’s can be and the main culprit.I don’t know…

Bryan Mac says:

This book is well written and provides good information about our health and modern food

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