Efficiency of Racetrack Betting Markets (Economic Theory, Econometrics, and Mathematical Economics)

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Efficiency of Racetrack Betting Markets (Economic Theory, Econometrics, and Mathematical Economics)

Top experts provide an outstanding collection of major academic findings on racetrack betting markets. Coverage includes psychological studies, utility preferences, economic and mathematical analysis, and examines betting strategies from win-place-show to exotics such as quinella and exacta.

* Explores the academic and theoretical aspects of horse-racing and racetrack betting markets.
* Offers economic, financial, and psychological studies on gambling
* Includes mathematical and statistical models for probability estimations and wagering systems.
* Features an international analysis of risk behaviour and market efficiency on racetrack markets.


Robert Beveridge says:

Brilliant, if you can understand it. William Ziemba and Donald B. Hausch, eds., Efficiencies of Racetrack Betting Markets: Economic Theory, Econometrics, and Mathematical Economics (Academic Press, 1994)I believe this is the only review I have ever written for a book I do not own. While I was working at a university in the late nineties, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a copy of this in their library after reading Ziemba and Hausch’s landmark Beat the Track. For the year between my finding it and my switching jobs, the…

Fred Corsiglia says:

Collection of ~60 Academic Papers This is a very difficult to locate title and you are likely to pay a significant price premium. I found my copy at Amazon.co.uk and it was a reverse bound photocopy of the manuscript, still carrying a premium price!The book contains approximately 60 academic papers divided into seven categories. As academic papers, each of the paper goes into significant depth regarding narrow topics. The organization of the book attempts to bridge between the topics. Some of the papers are…

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