Gonczistem I. Lottery System-Book: With 69 Variations in 11 Chapters

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Gonczistem I. Lottery System-Book: With 69 Variations in 11 Chapters

Become a winner! People play the lottery hoping for a better life and to make their dreams come true. Because of the excitement and possibilities, lotteries are popular throughout the world. A gambling enthusiast, author Jozsef Gonczi has constructed variations and systems with special and difficult algorithms that attempt to beat the system. He helps gamblers by submitting mathematical formulas and a system that doesn’t just rely on chance. Gambling is all about math. This informative book offers numerous variations on mathematical schemes that gamblers can use to better their chances of winning in different forms of gaming. These variations are compiled according to special computer algorithms. All the variations for lotteries require fields of six number positions. Gamblers must substitute their favorite lottery numbers into the position numbers of the variations. The book provides 69 variations in 11 chapters that offer different guarantees for hits. The variations are made with the number of positions in which gamblers must substitute their own lottery numbers (from 1 to 49) whenever numerical order isn’t required. Winning is made so much easier by studying the GoncziSTEM I. Lottery system-book. Jozsef Gonczi studied mathematics to become an architect in Hungary. He was also a professional volleyball player and now enjoys gambling. “I constructed a lot of variations and systems for gamblers. I have rich experience and knowledge in the world of gambling. In the world of computers and math, Hungarians are the best: Neumann constructed the first computer; Rubik became famous for his toys (Rubik’s Cube); and Gonczi is the author of this book.” Publisher’s website: http: //sbprabooks.com/JozsefGonczi”


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