Heininger 1190 BevBase Drink Holder

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Heininger 1190 BevBase Drink Holder

Have you been in your boat or motorhome and you want something to drink, yet the motion of the boat or vehicle is telling you to wait? The BevBase from DestinationGear is your answer. It conveniently holds 4 glasses and a bottle of your choice in the center to keep all things in order. Whether taking a sharp curve or you experience a cross wake, the BevBase holds it all in place with ease. It is washable with soap and water, lightweight and very easy to use. If the table top is slippery, the DashGrip by Heininger (#1065, sold separately) will give that extra grip necessary to secure the BevBase. Stem Glass Stabilizers are also sold separately (grey #1191 or multi-colors #1192) to ensure stability with wine glasses. BevBase measures 10″ W x 10″ L x 5″ H.

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Holds Various Sizes of Cups and Glasses

Anonymous says:

We are using this at the moment in our RV but I wanted it mainly for our boat. Our boat has beverage holders but not at the table so I thought it would be a great idea to have a beverage holder located right on the table.It was kind of hard to tell exactly what to expect from the description and pictures on the Amazon product page. The holder is made out of thick, rubbery foam. It is pretty durable but it could be ripped with age and misuse. The pictures shows it holding wine…

Anonymous says:

I don’t know what. exactly, I was thinking this was going to be. I envisioned and hard base that is filled to make it heavier so that drinks didn’t spill. Instead, it’s a soft foam rubber with no weighted or even a sticky bottom to keep it from sliding across the table. So as a boat accessory, I’m not sure this is going to cut it. An RV or car, maybe. The pool, most likely since I think it would probably float but I haven’t tested it out yet to see if it floats, much less if it’ll float with…

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