Holley: Carburetors, Manifolds & Fuel Injection (HP1052)

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Holley: Carburetors, Manifolds & Fuel Injection (HP1052)

Now revised and completely updated, Holly Carburetors, Manifolds & Fuel Injection gives you the inside edge on how to use Holley products for maximum performance or economy.
Comprehensive sections include: Carburetion basics & Holley operation; selecting and installing the “right” carburetor and manifold; theory, operation, and installation of Pro-Jection fuel injection; tuning for maximum performance; designating a fuel system; alcohol modifications; troubleshooting and repair, and more!
Over 500 photos, illustrations, charts and diagrams guide you through principles of induction that can be applied to any engine. Included are street, drag strip, road racing, circle track and marine applications.

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T. Lentz says:

Great Buy and Completely Thorough If one wants to understand carburetion, engine air flow requirements, volumetric efficiency, fuel flow requirements, air/fuel ratio, air/fuel mixture distribution, and detailed carburetor operating theory, and dial in his/her carburetor (especially Holleys), this is the book to read. It is chock full of information regarding selection and use of carburetors and carburetor tuning information. Purchase and study this book (this edition of this book dated 1987 or the prior editions dated 1978 or…

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