Hot Lottery Number Retrieval System

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Hot Lottery Number Retrieval System

Professor Richard Silvers knows science, mathematics, and lotteries. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematical physics from the prestigious University of London and a B.A. in physics, from the equally prestigious Columbia University. He could also be called the “Einstein of State Lotteries” for his mathematical research and analysis of nearly every U.S. lottery draw-including the Powerball and Mega Millions; the multistate lotteries that produce multimillionaires every week. Now this renowned scientist-under a pen name-has agreed to go public with his lottery discovery and will share with you his secrets on how to win; perhaps even how to win millions. Professor Silver’s curriculum vitae is nothing short of impressive. Named “One of 50 R&D Stars to Watch” by Industry Week magazine in 1996, he is not only an applied and theoretical mathematician, but a physicist, computer scientist, and inventor as well-who creates unique products from knowledge of current technology and projection of future technological trends. He has published more than 50 papers in the journals of learned societies, given 200 presentations to mathematical and scientific societies, and has more than 20 patents issued and pending. On the research staff at MIT at the Laboratory for Computer Science and Lincoln Laboratory, Professor Silvers was a coauthor of MACSYMA and a pioneer of computer algebra systems. He was the first scientist to apply these techniques to solve intractable mathematical problems in science, engineering, defense systems and finance. And he created the first computer algebra system capable of performing indicial tensor calculus. Now he is sharing his inventions and systems that have already made over $100 million dollars for a fortunate few people in the present publication.


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