How to Pick Your Personal Lottery Numbers

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How to Pick Your Personal Lottery Numbers

This Prince Paperback will help anyone pick his or her lucky lottery numbers and add fun and personal significance to the game of winning millions of dollars! 15 black-and-white illustrations.


Brizdaz says:

PLEASE NOTE: “How to Pick Your Personal Lottery Numbers”, NOT, “How to Pick Your Winning Personal Lottery Numbers” I bought my copy second hand, for a few bucks, and if you really want to read this book, then I would suggest you do the same (I see it’s for sale on the author’s website for $50.95, at the time of writing this review).I would suggest picking your own numbers intuitively yourself, rather than relying on the comical methods concocted for this book.And notice once more that the book is called -“How to Pick Your Personal Lottery Numbers”, NOT, “How to Pick Your…

lbolden says:

Book in Great Shape! Love this book with it’s numerical premise and great easy to find lottery systems. This is my second book since I wore the first one out using it to make major hits in the lottery. With a bit of time and concentration you will see the lottery patterns and when you apply these systems to others you can make a viable lottery system to hit correctly at least a few times a month if you play the minimum amount on the pick three game. I have been studying numerical patterns and systems for many years…

valerie lynn fowler says:

Five Stars

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