How To Win The Lottery Guaranteed

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How To Win The Lottery Guaranteed

how to win the lottery guaranteed

If you are wondering how to win the lottery guaranteed, and for free, you have come to the right place.

You can and will hit the lotto jackpot if you use the free lotto system provided below.

This is one of those lottery systems that truly work.  It is to be used on your State’s pick 3 lotto, and as you know the prizes are not in the millions of dollars or even the tens of thousands.

That being said, it does not mean that you can’t compound your winnings over time and acquire all of the money you could ever want.

You can now stop asking yourself  “am I going to win the lottery?”. The soon to be drawn winning lottery numbers in the pick 3 lotto are shown below.

A Proven System

The following “how to win the pick three” secrets to winning the lottery system has proven itself over and over to many players who have the patience and fortitude to to consistently apply the system over time and not give up.

Now when I said that you will have a guaranteed win I meant it.  That does not mean that the very next set of tickets you buy are going win the lotto however.  

It is possible to win on your first set of tickets though, because using the set of eight numbers below on a daily basis as part of your lottery strategy (and you should go to your State’s Lottery website and check them against the past winning results as far back as you have time for and check) will have you knowing that you have one of the best lottery numbers system available for winning the pick 3 lotto.

If you use the following set of eight [three digit numbers] you will absolutely have at least two of the three winning numbers in every game except for when there are “double” numbers drawn. ie: repeating numbers like 333 or even 332.

When you go back and look at the lottery results you will find in most cases that over time these types of numbers are drawn something like ten percent of the time, and while it is a bummer, it is not enough of problem to keep you from making money over time.

The Edge This System Gives

Now having two of three winning numbers on every draw gives you an incredible edge, and if you play the system consistently and correctly you will have in my experience at least one jackpot winner a month, and most months you will have two or three and even more.

Once again I will remind you to just go back and look at the past results for whatever state or country you live in and see that I am telling you the truth.

While it can be fun to use systems that help you predict winning lottery numbers this lottery strategy is one that anyone who with enough time and math skills could have figured out for themselves and I suppose many have.  They just aren’t sharing it that I know of.

Here Are The Pick 3 Lotto Numbers That Give You The Edge.

So here they are.  Further on down the page I will tell you how I use them to consistently compound my profits in the pick 3 lotto game.









You know have in your hands two of the three winning pick 3 lotto numbers for every day of the year when three different digits are drawn.

Obviously the ten percent of the time or so that double numbers are drawn this does not hold true, but the majority of the time doubles and triples are not drawn and there are other lotto systems that can help you with those situations.

How To Use These Numbers

Now here is how to go about using these eight best lottery numbers to use to win the pick three lottery. At least this is how I decided to use them after doing my research and some basic math.  I’ll try to keep it simple.  I am a numbers guy, but I know a lot of people are not so I’ll try and not ramble on.

After I discovered this number pattern I went back through many months of my State’s pick 3 lotto results over the course

of many hours and found that I could buy $1 dollar “Box” tickets using these eight numbers and earn around 15% on my money consistently.


The problem for most people is that they aren’t looking for a lottery investment strategy that is going to earn them 15% per year they are looking to consistently have enough wins to make the time it takes to play the lottery more than worthwhile and hopefully occasionally have a real big win. 

For that I recommend that you check out my upcoming review on Ken Silver’s lottery system or Click Here to go directly to his winning lottery systems page.

Good luck with your lotto playings and I hope you win the Big One!



Some more thoughts I had on the subject a while back.  The following is an article I wrote and it kind of got lost in the shuffle. I posted it below.

By Jack

What does it take to win the lottery?

All kidding and sarcasm aside for those folks looking for a guaranteed way to win the lotteryYou have to have a plan of action if you want more than just the random chance of hitting a lottery or lotto jackpot.

Many people dream of finding a simple or even free system of how to win the pick 3 lottery and don’t have big dreams of winning a multi million dollar prize. That’s great. It is obviously easier, meaning your odds are better, to win a lotto jackpot that is only $500 or so with a pick 3 system than it is for a game that has odds that are in the tens of millions to one or more.

It is true that there are folks who use systems that consistently win money in the different lottery and casino games. The difference between those who consistently win and those who don’t is that the consistent lottery winners are those who stick to their plan and actually play their chosen games all of the time.

How many people who have a system that they use have looked back at the winning lottery numbers for their favorite game and have realized that they would have won if they simply would have taken the time to go down to the store and play their numbers?

I know I am guilty of that and I don’t want to know how much more I would be ahead if I had just stuck to my plan. Of course at the time I did not really have a plan. I had a good system, but not a good plan.

Here is what I have found works to help me stick to my system which of course helps me win more lottery prizes.

  1. Write down on a piece of paper (in my lottery notebook) how much money I am going to invest this month in my chosen lottery system.
  2. Divide that amount of money by the number of drawings there are for my chosen game (s).
  3. Only play a maximum of two different kinds of games per month. And only use one system at a time.
  4. If the game allows for it (and I have all of the money needed on hand) I will buy all of my tickets ahead of time.

Once my plan is written down it has a unique way of forcing me or at least helping me to stay consistent, and when I am consistent I have a true plan and actual system to help me win the lottery.

I see this lottery stuff as an investment. Like a business. I have played consistently enough to know that my systems work for me, and if I just apply them I am certain that I know how to win the lotto guaranteed.

The above four things are a simple way of not only keeping me motivated to play, but also to simplify things in my head and not get overwhelmed with feeling like I am missing out on something.

If you are looking for good lottery books click on the link in the upper left hand corner of the page to get to the book store and you will find everything you need there by using the search box.

If you want a good recommendation for an excellent system to help you win the lottery then you should check out Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System or any of his other stuff. He’s been at it a long time and knows his stuff.


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