Killer Roulette

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Killer Roulette

This book relates the tales of daring and imaginative roulette players who have taken the casino industry for vast sums of money down the years.

Roulette has numerous weaknesses and these have been mercilessly exposed and then exploited – not only by people on the inside but by everyday punters.

Much of the material in Killer Roulette has been kept under wraps over the years but there is also material here which will come as a shock even to hardened casino operatives.

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Summer says:

Does not live up to its title Product description is misleading. It infers the book will tell how the game can be beaten. Its tales of daring and imaginative roulette players fail to deliver. Borrowing from Killer Roulette’s back-cover teaser and paraphrasing, the book “has numerous weaknesses.” In the introduction, the author states the reader “will learn how biased wheels are formed and how to detect them as well as how professionals cheat on roulette.” (p. 13) No, it does not live up to its claim. It is, however, a…

william schmidt says:

Croupiers Can Indeed Control Which Roulette Numbers Hit Important material here for the serious roulette player…Dealer control of where the ball lands is an idea that is kept secret by Vegas. Giving it publicity would badly hurt the game and the amount gambled. The best system I know is to figure out what numbers the dealer is trying to hit and then bet them after he has released the ball. Set the dealer up by betting small amounts away from where he is intent upon hitting. And if he shows he is still trying for HIS OWN numbers, swoop in with…

JamieStarr says:

Very Disappointing This book is fiction. The characters and most of the stories should be treated as such. The stories are terrific, and that is about all you can get from the book.The author claims to be an expert in the field and claims to have trained and advised players, “who went on to earn six-figure sums”, but that is questionable. This book fails to deliver what it promises. The author makes claims that he knows certain things about visual wheel tracking but only scratches the surface on the…

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