Lessons From The Professional Poker Tour

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Lessons From The Professional Poker Tour

The invitation-only Professional Poker Tour is strictly limited to the top 200 players in the world. David Apostolico is one of the elite, and he found that going up against other poker masters every day was like attending an incomparable seminar. He takes you through specific hands that he either played or observed, giving detailed analyses that will teach you how to think like a pro. Assessment and adaptability are key factors for survival and success in fast-moving games with experienced players. Smart strategy is your greatest asset, and by studying the extensive hands in this book, you-ll learn the tactics and approaches of legendary winners.

Most poker books focus on the math and science of poker. But the pros know that there really are no hard and fast rules, and that playing -by the book- will only get you so far before your game becomes completely transparent. By studying the real-world strategies of players like Doyle Brunson, T. J. Cloutier, Billy Baxter, Berry Johnson, and many others-brought to you by one who-s been there-you can raise your game to the next level, and have a great time doing it.

-David Apostolico has just delivered his third book telling you how to destroy your opponents at the poker table. I loved all of them and feel everybody should add all three to their poker library.- –Tom McEvoy, WSOP champion and co-author of the Championship series of poker books

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