Not Just Another Slot Machine Strategy System: How to Win at Slot Machines

Pinned on August 21, 2012 at 6:33 pm by Sara Sullivan

Not Just Another Slot Machine Strategy System: How to Win at Slot Machines

Are you tired of searching for the hidden “secret” to winning millions of dollars on slot machines? Are you tired of being lied to about a “system” that guarantees you will win money every time you play slot machines? Well I am, so I decided to put the truth out.

The bad news is there is no “secret system” that exists where you can beat the casinos playing slot machines. The good news is there is a system (for some reason people love the word “system” when it comes to gambling methods, so I’ll stick with it), where you can leave the casino with money in your pocket, and not have that empty hollow feeling inside because you just lost more money than you can afford to lose.

This is where I come in. With the system I’ve developed, you can still play slot machines and have a good time, but using these methods, you’re more than likely going to come home with some money.
Here are a few things that will be covered in the book:

  • Facts and fallacies about slot machines
  • The Biggest Decision of all: Establish a Gambling Bankroll
  • Decide how long you are going to stay and play
  • Tips for choosing which casino to play at
  • How to choose your denomination
  • How many coins should you bet?  Should you bet the max?
  • Who has the best payback machines?
  • Who has the best “comps?”
  • Slot Machine selection tips
  • When to cash out and when to keep playing
  • Keep a record of your play
  • The future of slots
  • And much more……..


LuvMySlots says:

I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks! I’ve been playing slots for over 20 years and I never thought to really use a strategy. Turns out everything I did know about slots was pretty much wrong. Oh well, bought the book on a whim and sure glad I did. Very entertaining and informative, even had me laughing out loud a few times. Enjoyed it, hope you do too.

Charles Marin says:

My first gambling book This is the first time I’ve ever purchased or read a book on gambling. My strategy for playing slots is: pick the machine that looks the funniest, put my money in, hit the button until my money is gone. This book helped me to realize that there are other strategies to play slots.

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