Plastic Cup Holder – Slide Under for Poker Table

Pinned on August 2, 2014 at 3:04 am by Deborah Gill

Plastic Cup Holder – Slide Under for Poker Table

The stakes are high. Your chips are high, but so is the pot. You’re holding a pair of Jacks with Queen high. And you’re detecting a bead of sweat making a line down your opponent’s face. Time to be cool and raise the stakes. You reach down to add another $3000 to the pot, not taking your eyes off your opponent’s, when, WHOOPS! You knock your drink over! So much for showing who’s cool.

With these handy drink holders, a soaked table felt will be virtually a thing of the past. Just like the pros use, these Vegas Style” cup holders slide under a table’s padded armrest This products takes approximately 2 days to ship. The products that take longer are normally due to being custom-made products.


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