POKER: The Essential Guide To Poker For Beginners

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POKER: The Essential Guide To Poker For Beginners

Have you always wanted to learn more about the many types of poker played every day in casinos across the country as well as through hundreds of websites based all around the world? If so, then Poker: The Essential Guide to Poker for Beginners is a great place to start. Inside you will find a detailed history of how poker evolved from the ancient Persian game known as As-Nas to become a popular national American pastime not once but at three separate points in American history. With a firm idea of where poker has been you will then be given all the tools to follow where it is going with a complete lexicon of popular poker terms and a game by game breakdown of poker’s most popular varieties. From there you will learn about the exciting world of online poker and finally be on your way with a variety of tips and tricks to ensure you hit the tables ready to win. Inside you will also find The origin of the word poker as well as common poker terms and games including flushes, suits and Texas Hold’em> A complete guide to finding the right online poker site for you Tips for finding an online poker site willing to pay you to play Betting strategies from Blind Stealing to Squeezing. A list of mistakes new players often make and how to avoid them for good. The definitive difference between the Ratio Method and the Percentage Method and when to use each . What a checking station is and why you don’t want to be one. A link to access a FREE gift, waiting for you right now! And more…


Miss Italia says:

Concise, Clear, and Translatable I am just starting out playing poker and read a couple of books about the game. Unlike in other books, the terms in this book were very helpful for me. I got to familiarize them. The definitions were easy to understand and remember. Just about everything I need to know to get started is in this book.I learned how to think logically and understand the principles of the poker game. The book was concise, clear, and translatable from the page to the poker table. The author did not at…

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