Poker: The Math and Winning Strategy

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Poker: The Math and Winning Strategy

Hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more, change hands at poker tables worldwide each day. While a basic level of technical proficiency can help you keep a little of this money for yourself, if you ever hope to earn a serious payday then you will need to understand the math that the professionals use in order to keep themselves in the black in the long run. If you are chasing that poker payday then Poker: The Math and Winning Strategy is the book that you have been waiting for.
A concrete understanding of the way that probability functions when you sit down to play a hand will naturally make it easier to make the right moves with each turn the game takes. While understanding probability won’t guarantee you a 100 percent chance of success with every hand, following the odds will make certain that you win more than you lose overall.
The chapters in this book will discuss a wide variety of ways that numerous different equations can be applied to improve your play at all stages of the game. Whether it is the basics of hand probability, the specifics of pot odds or how to determine equity and expected value, if you are looking for a way to minimize how much of a roll luck plays in your poker game then you will find something of value in these pages. Excelling at poker is a skill which means that like any other skill it can be honed with practice. Poker: The Math and Winning Strategy provides you with all the tools you need to in order to enhance your effectiveness overall and point you in the direction of the payday you are searching for.
The countless number of individuals playing poker at any given time means that someone is always on the verge of a game-changing payout. With the right knowledge and training it could easily be you. So, what are you waiting for? Take control of your future and buy this book today! Inside this book, you will find:

Read on to learn as much as possible about Poker and how you too can start winning!


Anonymous says:

This is not just a good poker. It should be mandatory reading for anyone who has to make decisions in the face of limited knowledge. It teaches the importance of managing ones risk so that one is not put in the position of making difficult decisions when a lot is at stake.This is a great help to me at the table when I find myself on autopilot, or trying to figure out how I’m going to get involved in a pot. Decisions to play, with sound reasoning behind each decision makes me a much…

Anonymous says:

I have never been a huge poker player but sometimes play for fun with friends. it is all about understanding the maths behind poker and probability. This book will lead you through all of this with examples. I was interested to read about the techniques to alter our mindset.This book is really worth reading because he covers the topic of exploiting player styles in a remarkably small volume of words and does so in a conversational style that many readers will find appealing. I would recommend…

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