Poker: The Ultimate Book (Classics)

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Poker: The Ultimate Book (Classics)

Poker: The Ultimate Book is the perfect gift for the burgeoning player or the poker enthusiast looking to brush up on the game. This book is a comprehensive guide to the most practiced table sport in the world, a sport full of history, legends, psychology, cheating, and of course, money. What are the seven golden rules? What does the term American Airlines refer to? What is the Hickok rule? When was the first online poker room launched? With over ten million players competing daily online, poker has become much more than a simple hobby gathering four friends around a table. Its rules may be simple, but the practice itself solicits a whole array of skills including technical mastery, the ability to anticipate and synthesize data, a dash of psychology, and a whip of luck—all with millions of dollars at stake. A true cultural phenomenon, poker allows each player to challenge the greatest champions and compete for outrageous earnings with just a minimal investment. This book invites readers to delve into the annals of poker, offering a narrative of the game s history and legendary players along with a detailed analysis of the basic rules, as well as the most astute tips—which only an expert such as François Montmirel can provide.

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