Practical Craps, a Guide to Being a Winner with Dice

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Practical Craps, a Guide to Being a Winner with Dice

Crap is a negative expectation game. The book is a realistic explanation of the rules, the bets and how to avoid the scams, myths and baloney that is associated with the game. The author, Kim Isaac Greenblatt, is a systems analyst who has tried various “systems” over the year and has come to the conclusion that there isn’t a way to beat the game. If you want to play the game for fun, the book offers some insight into the game. For the price of one craps session, you will learn the rules, the odds and a brief exposure to some of the bets, dice setting (it doesn’t work) and the importance of discipline. The Chapter titles are:SIMPLE ADVICE AND NEGATIVE EXPECTATIONS,FIRST LOOK AT A CRAPS TABLE, DICE COMBINATIONS AND THE BASIS FOR THE GAME, ODDS AND HOW TO CALCULATE THEM, THE BETS,FREE ODDS, PLACE BETS, 5% BUY BETS OR 5% LAY BETS, HARDWAY BETS, PROPOSITION BETS, C AND E BETS, BANKROLL, BETTING SYSTEMS, DICE SETTING, SUPERSTITIONS AND THE GAMBLER’S FALLACY, HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR OWN WINNING STYLE OF PLAY, CARD CRAPS, CALCRAPS, and CONCLUSION. The author, Kim Isaac Greenblatt, was a long time poster to the rec.gambling.craps newsgroup before most sane crap players left and the spammers took it over. He is also the author of poker books including, Forty Dollar No Limit Texas Hold’em Ring Games. His fiction book series, The Inappropriate Library, has taken off as well. A portion of all his book proceeds go to research for Rett Syndrome. Rett Syndrome strikes a girl born every fifteen minutes. Boys born with the Rett gene die at birth.


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