Ragged Company

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Ragged Company

Four chronically homeless people–Amelia One Sky, Timber, Double Dick and Digger–seek refuge in a warm movie theatre when a severe Arctic Front descends on the city. During what is supposed to be a one-time event, this temporary refuge transfixes them. They fall in love with this new world, and once the weather clears, continue their trips to the cinema. On one of these outings they meet Granite, a jaded and lonely journalist who has turned his back on writing “the same story over and over again” in favour of the escapist qualities of film, and an unlikely friendship is struck.

A found cigarette package (contents: some unsmoked cigarettes, three $20 bills, and a lottery ticket) changes the fortune of this struggling set. The ragged company discovers they have won $13.5 million, but none of them can claim the money for lack proper identification. Enlisting the help of Granite, their lives, and fortunes, become forever changed.

Ragged Company is a journey into both the future and the past. Richard Wagamese deftly explores the nature of the comforts these friends find in their ideas of “home,” as he reconnects them to their histories.


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My friend wrote, “I cannot put down this book that my son gave to me.” Her son lives with schizophrenia and has a big heart for the marginalized and misunderstood people of the world. So I ordered it and read it almost greedily. It’s about a group of homeless people, alcoholics all, though Amelia One Sky has many years of sobriety and looks after the rest. Their adventures and relationships are fascinating. I suspect that author Richard Wagamese knows whereof he speaks. When I finished,…

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