Secrets of Winning Slots

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Secrets of Winning Slots

Fun and informative, this book is both a complete analysis of slots and winning strategies and a detailed guide to how to get such freebies as free rooms, restaurant comps, line passes, show tickets, cash rebates, and much more. In addition to extensive information on the slot clubs, this book offers inside information on the winning methods of play by providing 15 actual winning strategies .


Eddie Songtanin says:

This is a must! I happened to see this book at my friend’s house but didn’t finish the book. So, I went home and ordered it online. After finished reading this book, I must tell you that I’d gained a lot more confidence in winning more money. Last week, I went to Las Vegas with my family, and it DID pay off. Not all the tips and secrets in the book applied, yet I managed to win more money than I’d ever done before. Take it from me, I don’t like reading much, but I got to admit that this book is pretty easy to read. Better yet, you can just skip to any chapter you’re interested in right away.

AnnoyedHusband says:

WORTHLESS After living in Las Vegas, and Reno for over 20 years, I’ve seen tons of people write about secrets to winning at slots. About 95 percent are completely worthless. This book does not tell you where to win or how. Most of his “Tips” are a lot of junk, mostly common sense. If a machine isn’t hitting after you hit the button fifty times, the chances that it will are slim. Mr. Cardoza never gives any real, solid winning advice through the whole book. If you’ve never in you life played a slot read the book. It is good for people who don’t know anything about slots. If you have played slots, don’t waste your money on this book. Understand that Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, Laughlin, and others are built on SLOTS not the table games, not the pricey shows, SLOTS. Casinos in Las Vegas make about 50-75% of their revenue on the SLOTS. Keep that in mind when you go. I love playing the slots, and I have won several thousand dollars, but not by employing anything in this book. Use the money you want to spend on this book and get a book on Black Jack and Poker. Which incidentally are the best paying games in the casino. Problem is they take a long time to master, but the pay off is much greater.

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