Smoke Bellew

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Smoke Bellew

“Smoke Bellew,” first published in 1912, tells a tale as bracing and fast-moving as an icy mountain stream. This story brings you the transformation of an innocent, yuppy, lazy, and jocular kid working for a newspaper company, into a meat eating, full bearded man. Christopher “Smoke” Bellew is a youth who inherited his wealth through a father of hard work and discipline. He is a newspaperman and embarks on a journey into the rough Alaskan wilderness, only planning to help out his cousins and uncle trek their way into the Alaskan Gold Rush for a few weeks. But this challenge brings in a new prospective of life, instead of writing about these times, live them. He chooses to stay in the Klondike himself and continue on this new found way of life. Life, death, and love are three major themes of the novel, three of which Smoke has never experienced for himself.


C. L. Douglas says:

little known MUST This book was given to me as a child. I always thought it was one of the funniest books I’d ever had. I especially loved the chapter: A Corner on Eggs. Somewhere in growing up I lost the book. I wanted to share it with my children, then my grandchildren, but I never could find it again – even in editions perporting to be complete compilations of Jack London’s work. To my amazement, here it is suddenly one click away at Amazon. I’m beyond thrilled. The book has everything: Comedy,…

Tom Bruce says:

A must for your library

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