Sports and Horse Racing Betting Systems That Work!

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Sports and Horse Racing Betting Systems That Work!

This book is a LARGE PRINT format paperback using an 18 pt. Arial font. 
Sports wagering and horse race betting are made easier with systems! This book contains some of the best sports betting systems from Ken Osterman. These are systems that he has used himself successfully at both racetracks and sports books. The rules for each system are clearly explained and the systems are explained clearly so it is understood why they work. Tips for improving these systems are also provided. There are 10 systems in this book that cover horse racing, football and baseball. Here is a list of the systems with the sport that is covered and the title of the system. Horse racing Quarter Horse – The Hidden Speed Horse Angle Thoroughbred – Best Jockey – Long shot Method Thoroughbred – Bet the Fastest Horse Thoroughbred – Show a profit down under Harness – The qualifier advantage Harness – Morning Line Overlay Sports Betting NFL Football – The Injured Star NFL Football – The Hat Trick Baseball – The AAA Surprise Baseball – The Underdog Advantage


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