The Lucky Son

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The Lucky Son

The Lucky Son is the story of Max Tynes who from day one is thrust into a world of deception and greed. With the tragic loss of his mother as a child, his alcoholic father attempts to raise him in an abusive environment. As Max gets older he discovers a secret. Numbers begin appearing in his head. Numbers that a gambling syndicate would know how to use to their benefit. Max has beat the system. He’s the kind of gambler the casinos fear most and want to keep outside the door. He knows the outcome of a horse race when the ponies are loading in the gate. Blackjack, the roulette wheel, or a throw of the dice. He knows the outcome and it’s all strange to him. Why would a Vegas gambling syndicate want to kidnap him, tempt him with love, when owning him comes at a price? Escaping from his abusive father is one challenge. Navigating the dark side of Vegas is another. As a world of greed and deception sets in, everyone wants to get rich and all Max wants is to be happy. Little does he know that living a few moments in the future could change the world. Paul Hughen’s debut novel, The Lucky Son is a story of triumph and survival that you won’t soon forget. Author and Filmmaker David Lynch calls it …a dark, cinematic read.


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