Trademark Poker 100 Suited Chip, 11.5gm, Purple

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Trademark Poker 100 Suited Chip, 11.5gm, Purple

Produced from a composite resin and an insert that gives them the weight feel of a heavy casino chip. The suits around the chip as well as the detail spots on the edge of the chip add to the great appearance.

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WiseGriffin says:

Great quality for this chip style and price point. I purchased 100 of the suited light blue chips, 100 suited white chips, 100 striped greed, 100 striped red, 100 striped black and 100 striped yellow. The chips are good quality. They have a slight metallic sound to them when you clink them together.The suited chips seem to weigh slightly less than the striped chips, even though they are both advertised as weighing 11.5 g.I had also purchased a 400 chip poker set from Target, and only the black chips matched the Target set color…

Anonymous says:

If you are looking at these chips in his price range then you have likely seen this style before. They have more weight to them than cheap plastic chips, but are much lower in quality than some of the better clay chips. The reason I give these a 5-star rating is that the product I received was the best looking set of chips, in this class, that I have seen. They were delivered in a sleeve in a padded mailer. There were no chips, yellowing, and very few design printing flaws. I would buy…

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