Trotpicks: Modern Harness Handicapping Methods

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Trotpicks: Modern Harness Handicapping Methods

Bob “Pandy” Pandolfo’s new harness handicapping book is 126 pages long. This paperback book can be used by novice or experienced harness handicappers and has step-by-step easy to use handicapping methods. One thing that has always bothered me about handicapping books, they often give you information but don’t really tell you how to put it into action. Consequently, you end up with a lot of info but poor results. This book isn’t like that. I give you a lot of information, but I always show you EXACTLY how to use the information in an easy, step-by-step approach that works.

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Starman says:

The Handicapping Book for Today’s Standardbred Races.

Anonymous says:

Finally an up to date usable proceedure for successfully handicapping today’s harness races. This book is the best I’ve read because it didn’t leave me saying ” Ok, all this info is very informative, now what?” Bob explains very clearly just how to put the information together and apply it. IMO all other books on harness racing have become outdated. The game has changed. Fundamentals can be found in the better older works, but, not the what to do part. New concepts like ZIP, are extremely…

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