You’ve Got Heat: The Vegas Card Counting Adventures of LV Pro

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You’ve Got Heat: The Vegas Card Counting Adventures of LV Pro

Fascinating true story of a low stakes casino player who used every angle to win enough money to increase his playing bankroll five fold from $2,000 to $10,000 while simultaneously enjoying free vacations in Las Vegas. The techniques he used to gain the advantage over the casinos -card counting, casino coupons, and casino promotions – are explained in detail in the book.

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A Reader says:

Brutally honest look at Vegas and at Card Counting I have followed Barfarkel’s trip reports as posted on for many months now. “You’ve Got Heat” is a compilation of the reports that blackjack fans have followed for several years on and on Henry Tamburin’s Blackjack Insider site.”You’ve Got Heat” is not a how-to manual on card counting. It is, however, a very entertaining read about the author’s journey into both the secretive world of the card counter and the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas.Books such…

Nick Bernstein says:

You’ve Got Heat A wonderfully readable journey into the world of the modern-day advantage player, who won’t make a bet in a casino unless he has the mathematical advantage. Barfarkel shows how anyone can follow in his footsteps to be able to get free Las Vegas vacations while winning money from the casinos using tried and true card-counting techniques. Most books about blackjack or getting the edge in a casino are dry and full of charts and mathematical formulas. Not so with You’ve Got Heat. It’s…

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